Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween in Almaty

We found Halloween in Almaty. It wasn't easy but there is a gated community right next to the school and many of the people there are ex-pat's and they celebrated Halloween in the compound. When I say compound though--that means we live in the projects. It was great--extremely safe, almost no cars and the houses that were willing to do the Halloween thing were really into it. There is a fence around the whole place with a couple guards at the front gate. Needless to say--we have enough candy to keep us going til Christmas.
Finding costumes wasn't easy though and a little pricey. Finally, an older lady in the market went digging on her top shelf in her container and pulled out a bag with three costumes--thank goodness they fit Kyla and Cody. Being that we don't have much extra here and no sewing machine it was pretty hard to be creative or alter something. Cody wore his knap sack backwards so that he could have the candy put in directly. He was pretty quiet but he did get into the whole scene. As you can see on the last picture--Kyla was a little too much into it!!!


RVJV said...

Hey V's.

Just wanted to let you know that we have been keeping up with your blog...just not replying alot. Keep the stories coming...they are great...what an experience!

Our Halloween was the opposite -Jordyn went nuts and Tyler chose not to trick or treat at all and stayed at home to watch the Nuck's game.


deWoldeDaily said...

Who are the white Muslim kids Kyla and Cody are hanging out with?