Monday, December 29, 2008

Home again, home again.

Greetings. We are back home after an excellent trip to Thailand. The weather was great, the food was fantastic, and we're thankful for the 'free' swimming lessons provided by Grassy Plains School because Co-La spent every possible moment in the ocean. They usually looked like a couple of raisins by lunch-time because of the salt water, but, unlike the lakes on Highway 16, their lips didn't turn blue due to the near hypothermic temperature.

We'll post some pictures in the next few days. We just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that we're OK. We saw the makings of one demonstration in Bangkok, but it was meant to be another peaceful one, so we didn't worry.

Actually, on our last day in Bangkok, the new government passed a law or a bill that allowed all tourists to use taxis and tuk-tuks for virtually free. They wanted to make up for airport closures and the loss of tourist dollars. For about .60 cents we got a tuk-tuk tour of three out of five temples combined with the obligitory stop at two jewelry showrooms and gem 'wholesalers.' It was interesting. The taxi drivers get gas vouchers from the jewelers if they bring a certain amount of tourists to their shops. Our driver did the quick math and realized that if he lured tourists in with the .60 cent promo, he could get more people to the jewelers than he could on an average day, thereby garnering more gas vouchers. So halfway through our tour, he bailed on us. We didn't mind that much; it's kind of funny, really, because it's the smallest bill we never paid.

Tomorrow is New Year's eve. Have fun, everyone. Have a great 2009. We'll 'talk' again soon.
Pax, Dave

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful time in Thailand...(.media has a was of setting fear into those who watch from a far)Nathen, my oldest is going to Thailand in January...another adventure for him.
Happy holidays to you both and the kids. Keep blogging!
Peace and Blessings