Monday, February 9, 2009

Employment Posting--Kazakh Human Rights Watch: Director Required, Urgently

Two blurry photos. No one has really been able to explain this to us, but there exists in Kazakhstan, an underlying layer of, how can I say, gender inequity. In the six months that we have been here, we’ve never seen a female police officer. And the politicians are all male. It’s obviously a historical and cultural trait and I won’t get into a big debate about it, but I do have to share these photos with you.

In BC we have those N’ and L’ stickers for new and learning drivers. Look closely at the photos above. Yes: that is a sticker of a woman’s high heel in the rear window of a car, indicating that the operator is female! Is that outrageous? All of the staff at The Kazak Human Rights Commission must have been at the police station paying 'fines' on the day that this by-law was passed, because (without the data) I am convinced there isn’t a country on this planet that would tolerate such injustice. The true irony is, most Kazaks are shitty drivers.

Now look at these blurred images. A chocolate bar for men.
On the back, there is one of those red-circle-with-a-bar-through-it icons. Guess what’s being barred? Yup: women. It’s not pro-gay, it’s just blatantly anti-women.



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