Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vancouver 2010

We watched the opening ceremony live on TV here at 8am, Saturday morning. It was a great show. I'm a little worried about facing my colleagues and students tomorrow and having to explain Ashley McIsaac's performance. What the heck was that? It was like Mad Max in 'The Road Warrior' meets River-dance! Last weekend we went looking for a hill to go sliding on. It's been -15 here for about ten days. Remember the Jamaican Bob-sledders in Calgary in 88? These Kazakhs probably didn't see the movie 'Cool Runnings,' but they could have starred in it. They're sitting on an inner tube wrapped in a shower curtain.

It was an extremely gray day. Overcast, foggy, and cold. But gravity compensated for the lack of colour.
Cody pulled his touque right down over his face, leaned back, and tried his own Olympic version of downhill. He should have been wearing a helmet. Seems like I say that a lot.

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Anonymous said...

still following you guys...
love the adventure...truly priceless
off to breaky with Sue this morning, she is in town with Willam taking in some of the Olympic events.
love and light