Wednesday, June 9, 2010

44 Degrees North, 79 Degrees East

Check out if you have some spare time. Its an e-project designed to visit and photograph every confluence (where a line of longitude and latitude metaphorically cross) on the planet. The image above is our bee-u-tiful Lada Niva. It drove Streeter, Brock, Mims and myself 4 hours north of Almaty and 100km's across the Kazak steppe (prairie/desert), in order to claim a never-before-visited confluence.

The image below is my not-so-bee-u-tiful friend Streeter, waking up in the morning (5:30am) on the steppe, after sleeping under the stars.
We started driving again at 6:00am arriving at the confluence a few hours later. All zeros on the GPS equals success. Check out the horizon below. Past the hazy drumlin in the distance, there is NOTHING, in any direction, for 1,000 km's.
This is the gang: (left to right) Streeter, Brock, Mims.
To get a better sense of the project, visit the site. While you're there, visit 55N and 127W. Brad and Lauri: in ten years, we should do another one with your kids (who weren't even on the radar screen when we did the first one). Cheers!


Brad said...

Hey Dave, that's awesome! Nicely done! And yes we'll definitely do it again in ten years - I'll make sure Laurie wears boots next time... :) Looking forward to seeing you guys on the island!

Brad said...

By the way, how come the site still has our 55N 127W visit marked as "incomplete"? We were there!!