Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Asian Winter Games: 2011

The 7th Asian Winter Games will start in 5 days. All the locals are quite excited about this. There are rumours of schools and markets and certain streets being completely closed for 7 days in order to accomodate the games. Like most things Kazakh, we won't know until the very last minute. Seriously. This is one of the purpose built venues. It's really quite impressive. But Almaty was built (unknowingly) on a very active earthquake fault line. It makes me nervous every time I look at.
A unique view of the city.
It's only snowed twice this year; a month ago and today, finally. So hopefully all the events will be well attended. Watch CNN or BBC for medal results.

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KatieMader said...

My husband recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading through your posts. We will be arriving in Almaty this fall to teach with QSI. Thanks for giving us an idea of what to expect! Keep up the good work!