Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camels, finally.

We have been here for 10 months and we finally saw a camel. We saw one in a field one day, but by the time we turned the car around, it was gone. Maybe it was a mirage.
Last weekend I met an American guy I sort of know at a cultural-craft fair. He was walking around with a cup of camel's milk. He said it was an "at the door" complimentary drink. He kept urging me to try it (he was actually trying to unload it). Finally I relented. Sour, thick, and oddly, gritty. But the curious thing is that it 'sparkled' like a dry champagne. I had an instant flashback to Uzbekistan--"Hey, I've had this before, but in the yogurt form!" A hostel we stayed at served us breakfast: bread, fruit, yogurt, and tea. Edna involuntarily gagged at the sight of the yogurt, claiming childhood trauma. The kids didn't buy in either. So I ate theirs. Sour, thick, and oddly, gritty. And it sparkled.

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