Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hiking in Almaty

We went hiking last weekend in Almaty. These trails were about a 40 minute drive from our apartment. It was a beautiful day and we went out for about 4-5 hours. Kyla and Cody did really well. But the real test was if Kyle and Amanda (non-parents) would still like us after hanging around with little kids. Kyle is from Texas and he finds all the trails around this area and he takes everyone out if they want to go. Amanda is a fellow Canadian from Ottawa. She is going to Prague next year--we are a little jealous.
In the top image, near the centre, are some wild horses--at least we think they‘re wild. This is a National Park.


Dana Yartin said...

Mountains are bautifull!!!
But I odnt think those horses are wild. )

I wish we went hiking at least once a year. )

nebelwald said...

I just came across your blog after googling Hiking in Almaty. I will arrive in Almaty Sunday night for work, but it looks as though I'll have the Monday off.
I like hiking, and would love to head for a bit. I'm pretty fit, though not well-equipped on this trip. Any tips you might have would be extremely welcome (or leads to people who might).

nebelwald said...

I don't know if my post here allows you to contact me directly. If not, but you do have a tip, I'd be grateful if you could comment, so I can see it.
Or you use the first letter of my first name (see earlier post), then add 'corterier' after a dot, 'at' gmail - ;)