Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cody the Orator

Cody completed Kindergarten last June. He can, essentially, read. His teachers, Mr. Cobbs and Ms. Sergeava, have been awesome with him this year. At the end of the year, the kids presented poems that they wrote and then they hosted a classroom party where they read their work. Here's Cody's first published piece, subject to copyright:

McQueen 95

McQueen is a car.
McQueen can won a race.
McQueen can race.
McQueen has a girlfriend.

Note the subtle references to angst, competitiveness, and sexual tension. McQueen is a mysterious blend of subject and object, of the ethereal and the static; the torturous relationship between the kinetic and the raw release of primal vigour has never been expressed more poignantly. A bright future for CJV.

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James and Maura said...

You blog is cool, dude. I have a long message almost ready. I keep revising and such that I better just put it up or it's going to be old news.

Have you met the Polish guy, Andre?