Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tubing at Ak Bulak!!

After 4 hours of skiing last Saturday, the kids still had some energy and they wanted to go Tubing! We watched a couple of times but today we tried it.
The attendant tried to stop Dave and tell him that we could not go on the tubes wearing ski boots but Dave said, "Come on kids; just walk past him." The funny part is that there was a mom going on the tube with her son, and this is not an exaggeration, she had 3 inch tapered heels--that would be more of a weapon than the kids' ski boots. So past the attendent they went. He finally gave up--thank goodness; it was a long way down to the car to get their regular boots. Cody is at the top of the hill and then this man and his kid are right behind Kyla--they just about hit each other a couple of times. Kyla was laughing so hard, we thought she might fall out.
They had to pull the tubes up from the bottom of the hill but there was a tow-rope at the top. It was a rough day at the hill! Dave helped them pull up the tubes.

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deWoldeDaily said...

That looks like great fun! Glad to see you got your blog working again. Are you able to read other ones again too?

And, Happy Belated Birthday Dave! Looks like you had a good party!