Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gorky Park

There's a Gorky Park in nearly every former Soviet capital city. These are our friends on the ferris wheel in Almaty's version of Gorky.

Here's Cody trying the 'drawbridge rope' in the park.
Stalin and Lenin's statues have been replaced.
Cotton candy: ubiquitous fair 'food.'
Cody's friends at school have begun calling him 'fanta.' He's rarely seen not wearing something orange, and the soft drink "Fanta" is his favourite.


Sylvia said...

kFantastic picture of Fanta-[AKA Cody] Love that you update the blog now and then! Kyla and Cody make cotton candy look appetizing!!

deWoldeDaily said...

I echo Sylvia's comment - what a great picture of Cody!!