Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another day at the beach.

Kyla was a big hit with local kids. Her hair turns almost white in the sun so she really stood out in a crowd. One afternoon, a group of visiting East Indians were walking down the beach towards their cruise ship. A few kids stopped and stared at her, murmuring something to their parents. Then their parents started collecting around, trying to look inconspicuous. Yeah, right: women in saris and men in cruise ship attire at the beach when it is 30 Celsius, trying to appear subtle. Finally I gestured “photo?” The way the cameras materialized, you’d think they worked for “National Geographic” or “Aliens Among Us.” The boys actually climbed into her beach chair and posed with her. Everyone started laughing and having fun. But Kyla didn’t think it was funny when I told that I brokered a deal for 3 camels, a dozen goats, and 10,000 rupees for her hand in marriage.

Cody attracted a lot of attention, too. He didn’t enjoy one minute of it, but he would actually answer questions after a while. I credit his teacher and his classmates for prompting him to be more outspoken and interactive. He’s not as shy (OK, he is a bit) as he is dubious and disinterested in most humans. Wonder where he gets that from?

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