Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roller Coaster at Kok-Tobe

No snow in Almaty on December 13 so we went out to do some tobogganing at Kok Tobe. This roller coaster with a toboggan was pretty fun. You can control the speed and when you see some of the safety nets and how steep the drop off is, we were pretty happy to have brakes. Cody and I had a great time but Kyla got a little motion sick so there was no “Full Speed Ahead!” The end of the ride was the most threatening -- we were pulled back up on one cable and it was straight up. Needless to say--we had a great time and promised Kyla and Cody we would go again--Stupid or What?!?!

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deWoldeDaily said...

We did the same thing in Lithuania. It was great fun, although we didn't quite feel confident enough to take Owen on it! Kendra thought it was great! I'm still not sure it compares to toboganning on the Veenstra hill! We sure missed Kyla and Cody there this year showing us how to fly down the hill on the GT!!