Thursday, January 15, 2009

With every Bhudda comes a temple

These temples were very ornate. Some were a little over the top but the detail and carving was unreal. The kids enjoyed going through them as long as we kept it brief and most of the time people were there to practise their religion so we had to be respectful of that--our dressing habits of shorts and tank tops was not always appropriate so they would give me a shawl to wear. At the Grand Palace we had to rent clothing--along with most of the other tourists. I had to get a long skirt and a blouse and Dave rented a pair of long pants.

A little footnote--if you are reading this and wondering why we write so much (and maybe it‘s not that interesting) this is our photo album and diary of our trip to Kazakhstan, so this is for ourselves too--hope that we don‘t bore you--too much.

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