Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cody Turns 5 and Almaty Int'l School

Cody turned 5 on August 19, we did have a party before we left Smithers but we did have to celebrate again in Kazakhstan. He was quite excited about picking out his cake. They really do a great job of decorating here, and so everytime he went to the grocery store he would check them out so he would be ready for his b-day. We tried our best to find a chocolate one but we failed. We took our dictionary, lingo translator and then we even found someone that spoke a little English and still we came home with this kind of wafer cake--all layers of wafers with icing between each layer--no sign of chocolate except some of the icing on top. It was still a great b-day.

A couple pictures of the school. It is pretty hard to see the security and the fence that goes around it but it is quite the compound. No need to lock your doors or the close windows--they don't even lock the school on the weekend b/c security is always there. It is so great to walk around the school and enjoy the green grass--that is not seen very often around the city everything is just dirt and dust. If there is grass--no one has a lawn mover--I think I have seen two in the last three weeks and that was a big event. Just like trucks--no sign of those either. I think that we have seen about 6 of those and Cody using spots those and gets very excited.

I think I have sent out enough pictures for the night--a little overload for me and anyone that is reading this but this is the first time in three weeks that this is actually working. Now the battery is running low. Hope this finds everyone doing well.

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