Saturday, August 30, 2008

Playground Fun!!

Kyla and her 3 new friends. Had lots of fun playing with them but not one of them could speak a word of English. They did a little sign language and they had lots of fun playing together.

These little boys were quite happy to pose for the picture and not a minute after that was done there were about 7 more of them all posing and when we quit taking pictures they started doing their most dangerous stunts on the playground hoping that we would take more pictures. One of these boys knows a couple of lines in English--he is pretty proud. Hi, How are you and My Name is . It is pretty funny.

There are lots of traditional grandmothers but it is a little rude to take pictures of them but I used the zoom and she didn't notice. Quite often they are selling something on the side of the road--from bread to pots. They aren't always so fond of foreigners --we always have to pay full price and then some.

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