Sunday, August 31, 2008

Out for dinner in Almaty

We went out for dinner on Saturday with some new friends/teachers from the school. It was great--pretty serious meat meal. Skewers of meat--chicken and lamb and one skewer of liver. There were two local girls and both of them enjoy liver--Dave and Ronnie tried the liver and both said that it was good. We had a couple of salads too but really the meat was the highlight. The restaurant was great. There was seating inside but weather here is so warm that sitting inside would of been a shame. The kids had a great time b/c the restaurant was enclosed and there was a whole playground just beside the gazebo that we were sitting under.

On the way to the school--about a kilometre--we met this wagon being pulled by a burro. Right in the middle of the major traffic--just going at his own pace and everyone honks at him and then passes him. No one is too upset--just the way things are.

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