Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going to London

Going backwards a little. This is on our way to Almaty. We had a 24 hour lay-over in London. We made good use of our time. We found our hotel pretty quickly and then got on a city bus and headed to see London Bridge. We wanted to see the Queen's house but it was too far. At this point we were pretty sleep deprived but the sight seeing was great. When we got to our hotel room we were expecting a double bed and a hideway couch for the kids. Instead we got two hide-away chairs. They were great and the kids loved them and obviously slept very well.

The flight went very well from Vancouver to London. Everyone had their own t.v. Cody and Kyla thought this was great. Cody, tuned into the McQueen movie immediately. About half way into it he looks up at me and says, "I am being really good, eh Mom" and yes, while he was watching t.v. he was an angel and after that he slept the rest of the way. Kyla was so excited about the little traveller package she received. She had on her new socks, eye cover for sleeping, the blanket over her lap and then wanted to try her new toothbrush. Fun for everyone!!!

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