Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Day of School

School started this past Thursday!! Pretty excited, Kyla and Cody were. They both did extremely well--we were pretty relieved about that. Cody's teacher is Mr. Cobbs from San Diego, California and Kyla's teacher is Ms. Cole-Baker--Ms. CB--from New Zealand. Kyla's class has so many different nationalities--Korean, Russian, Papau New Guinea, France, Turkey and of course, Canada.

Some days I walk home from work--this man is always on the side of the road--on his burro with a little whip keeping his sheep off of this 4 lane highway that is moving very quickly.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cow--for my family. Right in the middle of the city--eating what little "grass" it can find.


joanne said...

I'm glad you got the blog updated! It looks like things are going very well. Did Cody lose his sunglasses? I haven't seen a single pic of him in the glasses!

Dave & Edna, Kyla and Cody said...

Hey Joanne,

They must be inside shots--b/c he even takes them to school. He just broke them on Saturday and we had to buy another pair yesterday. Next time I will have to find a picture of Cody in his shades!

deWoldeDaily said...

Great 1st day of school pictures. I was looking at them when Kendra came in the room and said, "That's my Kyla and my Cody! Kyla looks beautiful!" Sorry Cody, no beautiful comment for you, although you look pretty cool on your first day of school!!