Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burana Update

This really was one of the highlights of the Kyrgyzstan trip. If you are bored enough to read this blog, please do spend the extra time to 'click' on the photos. In this one for example, you will be able to see Edna and Kyla on top of the tower and Cody standing at the base.
All four of us did climb to the top, via a winding tunnel staircase that was only wide enough to let one person move at a time. Half-way up, Kyla had a bit of an anxiety attack because it is very dark and very steep. Her reaction didn't help me--I would have preferred to wait for a National Geographic special, anyway. So we both sort of freaked out, but, and I am loathe to use a cliche, aimed for the light at the end of the tunnel.
900 years old and full of ghosts. We have all been in buildings that are considerably taller than the Burana Tower, but unless you have been on top of an Egyptian pyramid, or say, Stonehenge (which isn't tall), than you might not appreciate what it feels like to stand on bricks mortered together nearly a millenium ago. This thing is older than John McCain!
Pax, Dave

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