Monday, October 27, 2008

Going to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

This first picture is of a Muslim grave yard. We took some other pictures further into Kyrgyzstan that were even more elaborate.

We got lost quite often--seeing that not much is labelled and if it is--we can't read the signs. This cyrillic alphabet is pretty tough to learn. So Dave is acting out some place we would like to see to the men at the fruit stand--that time he was successful.

Last Saturday, we left for Bishkek Krygyzstan. We had a week off of school for the fall break so we decided to make the most of our break. We had to apply for a visa for this visit and I wish that we could take pictures of the border crossing but I didn't think taking out my camera at those tense moments would be a good idea. The guards didn't seem too friendly or open to picture taking. When we went through the border crossing, we first had to go through the Kazakhstan office to check out of the country, then we had to go through a neutral area and then into the office on the Krygyrzstan side. Dave thought it was to our advantage that some girl was trying to get through with someone else's ID. She was a local but the guards were pretty mad and by the time Dave left she was past getting mad at them and now was looking scared. It was a good distraction for the guards.
The country side was beautiful and very open. Huge fields but lots of rocks so I think making hay is always a challenge. The highway from Bishkek to Almaty is the best in the whole area. IT is 237 km and it is the only highway that you can drive 100 km/hour without the fear of hitting a huge pothole--but then again there are always police on every corner--but we had a great trip and only got pulled over twice and he just looked at our insurance and sent us on our way.

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