Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Russian Orthodox Church and Chinese Dungan Mosque

This church had signs everywhere that you were not allowed to take any pictures--so you better count yourself very lucky that you can see this!!!

These were pretty neat buildings. The church was ruined by the Bolsheviks, they destroyed all the domes and then they made it into a night club--after things settled down, they restored it and now it is used as a church again. It is pretty spectacular and pretty decorated in the inside. Right across the road was this abandoned school--it was pretty run down and now they were going to use again to train teachers. We met a teacher outside that spoke a little english but he had a young boy with him who spoke four or five languages and his english was pretty good and he explained a few things to us.

The Chinese mosque is built by a Chinese architect and 20 artists and supposedly it is all wood and they did not use one nail. Not sure we believe that one b/c there are a few more buildings that make that claim but we keep seeing nails sticking out. The other picture is of the tower where they make the call for prayer. You can see the loud speaker, when we first came here we were a little annoyed with the 5:00 am call to worship but now we sleep through it and lots of people really like the sound of the call.

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