Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Short Cut to Almaty?!?!

This first picture shows how nice it was when we left Karakol. Then Dave took a picture of the sign with 350 km written on it--even he knew it was a little too good to be true. Then things changed quickly!!!!

Remind me to never go along with Dave when he thinks that he is really onto a good thing!! We did ask about 5 different people what this road was going to be like and in their acting--they told us it was good and would save us time. Needless, to say it took us 4 hours to do 100 kms and one border crossing. The road was so filled with potholes the size of our car, animals crossing everywhere and then to top it off -- quite a bit of snow and we weren't too ready for that one. The muffler was dragging by the time we finished our four hours and our kids were a little sick from bouncing around so much. The scenery was beautiful but there were moments when that was very hard to appreciate. Didn't help when we met a van that had chains on and I think in those 4 hours we met about 8 vehicles. The border crossing was in the middle of a prairie that was covered in snow and the one office was an old shipping container--the men carried pretty big rifles so it was a little intimidating but it all went smoothly--Thank goodness.

The drive to Almaty took us another 5 hours so it was a long day. After our four hours through the snow we came out to dry and barren land again. This is a picture just past the snow. It was such a nice mosque we had to take a picture and maybe it was the first major sign of civilization after four long hours we just had to take a picture of it!

We had so much to be thankful for, the car made it, the weather was good and we didn't get told to turn around at the border--now that would of been worth a cry!!!

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