Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Former Soviet Theater/Park

This park is quite close to our place. We drove by it many times wondering what it was. It is a theater and they still perform here--would be fun to go even if we couldn't understand anything. Once again the buildings are pretty massive and concrete and of course at the very top is a picture of yours truly--Lenin. Do you like the picture of the old couple hanging out at the park--I threatened Dave that if we stayed here too long that could be us in a couple of years. The fountain looks quite nice on the picture but close up that was not the case--fair amount of garbage--but that is the case in most places here--getting used to the garbage. If it is clean--we talk about that.

There were two young guys wandering around when we were at this park so I approached them wanting to know if this theater was still active and hoping that they might speak a little english. They spoke fluently--they had just spent a month in North Carolina on a work/school exchange. They weren't overly impressed with North Carolina--b/t the prejudice and then the obesity--it wasn't the place for them. Kazakhs have the best metabolism I have ever seen. Not many overweight Kazakhs and they eat alot of bread--carbs, and lots of greasy meat but it works for them.

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kdewolde said...

Actually I had to do a double-take - I thought that was you two sitting on that park bench!

Cheers, Waldo