Monday, September 1, 2008

Kazakhy Wedding

While we were enjoying the lunch/dinner on Saturday, they had a wedding right behind us--in the same restaurant. It was pretty interesting. Most people were dressed in western clothing but the dancers and musicians were in traditional clothing. The bride and groom were in western clothing--suitable for a wedding. We couldn't understand anything but one of the girls that was with us was from this group of people--who were traditionally nomads from north Kazakhstan and China. China is trying to eradicate this group of nomads and when she tried to visit China last year to visit they would not give her a visa--in fear that she might try to stay.

The music wasn't that enjoyable to listen to--by western standards but they all seems to enjoy it. Cody and another little guy had a great time doing body slams to the beat of the music. They were standing on the top of the slide--so they had a bird's eye view.

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