Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Cake

Yes, we had another cake--not quite as nice as Cody's but they promised this time it would be chocolate. We went to Dave's buddy at the cell phone place that understands some English and he wrote on a paper that we wanted a chocolate cake. We got home--took out the knife for the big reveal--once again we were taken. It wasn't chocolate--but it was still good. 3rd time lucky--we will let you know.

Just wanted to say "Thanks" to everyone for all the birthday wishes I received. They were appreciated--alot!! Dave went to the market and did some shopping for my b-day--not sure if he bartered but he came home with some nice jewelery and a scarf--and a bottle of Heinz ketchup. I thought I could handle whatever the Kazakhs were eating but we have tried their ketchup now for a month and it isn't tasting any better and the real ketchup isn't too expensive--so it will be our exception. We found some peanut butter too in a German grocery store. The kids are loving it.

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