Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hanging out with the Beatles in the City of the Apple

Did you know that Almaty is the home of the apple? A little fact that my husband likes to share with me. We went to this neat park last weekend--they had a roller coaster there--we will try it out sometime, a little zoo, some very expensive restaurants, horse and buggy rides and a tram that goes up and down for about 16.00--but we were dutch and walked up!! Also, these statues of the Beattles--everyone else was having a photo op with them so we did too!
Speaking of facts--finally got up the courage to ask the girls in the office about the movie Borat and if they had seen it. It was banned in Kazakhstan and they had no desire to see it--Katya, one of the girls I work with, said that it did show up on the street in pirated copies but most people didn't want to see it.

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