Monday, September 1, 2008

We own a car in Kazakhstan!!!!

We bought a car. It is the black rabbit GTI, 1994--beside the crazy guy standing in the man hole. They steal the covers for money. It has been good for us b/c no one wants to park next to this huge hole so we have parked beside it a few times. Driving in Kazakhstan is just crazy--I am not sure if I will ever be up for the challenge. It is so fast, no lanes, no signals and please do not ever hesitate. No turning right on a red light, slow down when the green light starts flashing--don't even think of going. We have yellow license plates which is the big signal that we are foreigners so we should have some extra cash to share with the police--so to top everything off we are a heat score!!! Supposedly they are trying to crack down on the corruption in the police force but they readily will take cash bribes.

A picture of Cody wearing his glasses--for you Joanne!! He never leaves home without them.

After eating out on Saturday, we kept driving up into the mountains. This was at the end of the road and these apartments looked much worse close up. Not sure what these people do way up there. It was pretty dismal and the garbage that was left on the side of the road was unbelievable. People just pull over and picnic right beside huge piles of garbage and then leave some more--scattered everywhere.

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joanne said...

haha - thanks for that! I was getting worried about Cody's eyes- what with all that sunny weather!
I am ashamed to say, i have not been keeping up with the blog lately! I thought I had lost the link - but I found it again tonight. I am just about caught up - whew! The whole thing looks like a great adventure!