Saturday, September 6, 2008

Went to the Baraholka and bartered for a Bike

We promised Cody a bike when we got to Almaty--needless to say he didn't forget!! We went to the Baraholka this morning. It is the biggest market/bazaar you can imagine--it is 4 kilometres long by 100 metres on either side. We spent an hour and half there and we saw maybe 5% of it. It was crazy but we found a bike vendor and Cody is now the proud owner of a bike--that he does have to share with his sister--not too sure how that will go. We looked in a couple stores for a helmet but I don't think that will materialize. Kyla is taking dance classes two times a week--ballerina slippers and tutu so that is the trade off for the bike.

The shopping in the market is unbelievable. You have never seen so many pairs of jeans in your life--better know your size before you go in there--I didn't see any change rooms. Last week when we were in a smaller market--I saw this blouse that I liked and so this lady wanted me to try it on so she held up this shower curtain and that was her idea of a change room. People are quite small and thin here so shopping isn't too easy. This morning I bought a jacket/shirt--I know I am not small but this shirt is an XXL. I was glad to find my size.

We went to the park this morning too--not sure what it is all about--fountains and walk ways and there was some trade show going on but when we walked in one area there were only 4 very small kitchens on display and about 6 people loitering around. We just laugh and chalk it up as another Russian experience.

Met this little Russian lady selling some wares this morning--bought a little something from her and then we asked if we could take her picture--she was more than willing and they all thought we were a big joke. Anything for a laugh!


deWoldeDaily said...

Cody, you look great on your new bike!

Happy Birthday Edna! I hope you have a great day. Maybe you'll have a 'surprise' birthday cake, just like Cody's.

It was great to talk to you on Skype the other day. We'll have to arrange another time when the kids are up and we have our camera figured out!

mel and sandra said...

Happy Birthday Edna. Glad to hear the kids are excited about school and things are going well for all of you. How are your jobs going? Hopefully the stress is beginning to subside with starting new occupations. Any language problems or do your fellow workers all speak english? Good to see you bought a quality vehicle. Volkswagens are great!