Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Park

Went for a Sunday afternoon excursion. A soviet park--everyone had to pay 35 tenge--about 30 cents to get in and the big bonus of that was, there wasn't much garbage laying around and there was a lot going on in this park. There were lots of rose gardens, this little castle area for the kids, rides--like at the fair and cotton candy. By the time Cody was finished he had a green beard but life is good!!

The kids had lots of fun and I made them pose w/ this little statue and then of course we had to look at the quad. They have these at lots of the parks--poor Cody, it is such a temptation for him but we are scared to let him lose on one of those. Once we start, I am sure we will never get him out of there--but we weren't that cheap--they did go on the bumper cars!!

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